Corporate Service YOGA&HEAT&SALT

Corporate HEATED SALTY YOGA service offers companies a chance to promote employees and for creating a more attractive environment to potential employees. Large numbers of companies, particularly in the UK, realise that offering regular exercise classes at work integrating wellness benefits into their organisational structure is an innovative and cost effective solution for companies wanting to reduce workplace stress and promote employee well-being.

SALTY YOGA offers various packages of heated salty yoga which provide advantages and flexibility to both companies and employees.

Advantages for HEATED SALTY YOGA

Physical Advantages:

Practicing heated yoga provides physical advantages for employees. From long hours in front of the office computer, to meeting deadlines, all these modern strains can take a toll on the mind and body. Back pain, neck problems, eye problems, headaches and general muscular tension are common in the office environment where physical activity is restricted . Corporate yoga provides positive physical advantages which are a convenient option for the improvement of well-being, these include:

⁃ Increased heart rate which enhances cardiovascular activity and enhances metabolism levels which positively contributes to weight management.

⁃ Practicing yoga in a heated room also stimulates the lymphatic system which promotes detoxification and has a cleansing effect on the body of the individual.

⁃ The movement of the body, particularly the spine, into all ranges of motion individually strengthen the supportive muscle groups around the spinal column which also enhance the nervous system. Improved posture is the most noticeable effect of yoga practice. The heat also produces a fluid-like stretch allowing safe and easy stretching hence muscles become more elastic and flexible.

⁃ The heat stimulates blood flows to different parts of the body which increases oxygen and nutrient content.

⁃ The environment is particularly great with the use of pink Himalayan salt. The therapeutic effects of the salt are enjoyed as the healing qualities of the salt are inhaled, consequently helping to detoxify the respiratory system. Salty Yoga focuses on freeing up the lungs and entire thoracic cavity, making the classes especially useful for persons with respiratory issues and for tuning the 4th chakra – heart chakra.  Salt’s natural qualities include anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral. 

Mental and Psychological Advantages:

The benefits of heated yoga are not only physical but also have a positive effect on mental well-being of individuals. Heated yoga is a mediatory practice and the hot environment particularly sharpens mental focus, concentration and determination during class. Various research provides evidence that practicing yoga through deep breathing and relaxation translates into positive benefits in the workplace.

⁃ Reduces job-related stress and levels of anxiety, improves work performance and success rate.

⁃ Improves self esteem, enhances clarity, concentration and creative thinking.

⁃ Increased productivity, better decision making and effectiveness in the workplace.

⁃ Increases energy and decreases fatigue.

All these things lead to more a more productive, harmonious work environment which are both beneficial for both companies and employees.  Regular heated yoga classes promote higher job satisfaction amongst employees providing an image of the caring company which looks after and provides for its workforce.

HEATED SALTY YOGA Workplace Wellbeing Package:

HEATED SALTY YOGA offers a package which provides heated salty yoga classes at workplace. This package provides the flexibility to have classes before work, during lunch, and after work.

Extra Advantages of heated salty yoga classes at the workplace.

⁃ Excellent team building and bonding exercise which cultivates leadership and teamwork.

⁃ A chance for employees to come together, relax and practice together which leads to  better relationships and improved communication among employees.

⁃ Easy for employees to join in and eliminates travel times to and from a yoga studio.

⁃ Self care and stress relieving techniques during the workday.

What you will need:

• A quiet, comfortable space large enough to use for required number of people,such as boardroom, common room or meeting room with the possibility to move furniture aside.

• Each person will need a yoga mat which we provide, however your employees can bring their own mat.

Each person will need comfortable clothing that is appropriate for a range of movements. Footwear is not recommended for

yoga practice.

A water bottle and towel is also recommended to ensure comfort throughout the session.

• portable infrared heaters (we advise which to purchase if the classes are set on regular basis at your office space)

HEATED SALTY YOGA Studio Wellbeing Package:

Reward your employees with a membership card which will give them access to classes in our studio during any time of the work day or weekend.

Extra Advantages of Heated Salty Yoga in Studio.

⁃ Flexibility and bigger variety of classes and teachers to choose from.

⁃ Moorgate Location, EC1M 5 TU - room 6, 65 London Wall makes it easy to travel from workplace to the studio.

What will you need

⁃ We provide the mats.

⁃ Wear comfortable clothes but not too loose.

About Our Classes

Our yoga classes are open to all-levels and designed to fit the skills levels and abilities of the individuals, even absolute beginners, which is perfect for both an office and studio environment. We recommend practicing yoga on regular basis, at least twice a week, however once a week classes will have noticeable results.

About Our Teachers

All SALTY YOGA teachers are qualified, fully certified and insured. There are 35 teachers working for HEATED SALTY YOGA which ensures wide varieties of yoga classes. All teachers have experience working within smaller and larger groups of people.


Prices are on frequency and the length of classes and the number of individuals in the class. Please inquire and SALTY YOGA would be happy to provide a quote based on your needs. Companies can choose to pay for their staff or for employees to pay for themselves at a subsidised corporate rate.